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Anna Frederica Bolinder, great-grandmother.

Born in Sweden 1871

Died in Connecticut 1914

(Wife of Gustave Anskarius Crusberg, born in Sweden, 1870, died in Connecticut, 1933.)

Gustave Anskarius Crusberg

Born in Sweden, 1870

My father's Frazier family came from French-Canada and the Bolinders and Crusbergs came from Sweden. My mother's family came from England, Ireland, France, Denmark, and Germany. My father's family lived in Connecticut, but my mother's family has a much longer history in Virginia and West Virginia.

Most the names I am researching in the United States come from Virginia and West Virginia

Surnames I am working on: Ballentine, Bolinder, Bernhard*, Capiteau/Capito, Crusberg, Eckhert, Frazier, Gay, Gibson, Hefner, Kimberly, Kuennen*, Mustoe, Quatmann*, Ratcliff, Ratliff, Rasmussen, Rebman*, Shields, Singleton, Steinbeck, Taylor, Thomas

(* denotes my wife's ancestral names)

If you are connected to any of these surnames, please write me at

Paul D. Frazier; 711 West Main Street; Hardin, Illinois 62047-0532

Arthur Frazier, a great-grandfather

Born 1871 in Meriden, Connecticut

(Son of Adolphus Dilford Frazier, son of Joseph Frazier, son of William Frazier)

Some Ancestral Lines From My Mother's Family

Henry Steinbeck of Lewis County (West) Virginia


(Husband of Julia Ann Capito, father of Francis Eckert Steinbeck)

a Great-great-great-grandfather

Julia Ann Capito (Capiteau)

1809-1889, (Wife of Henry Steinbeck, mother of Francis Eckert Steinbeck)

The Steinbeck Line

Frederick Steinbeck was a fur trapper and trader along the Ohio River valley.

1. Frederick Steinbeck b. circa 1770, died 1823 married Sarah Eckert (1788-1853) the daughter of Henry Eckert of Frederick Co. Maryland

2. Henry Steinbeck (1801-1881) married Julia Ann Capito (Capiteau) b. 1809, d.1889 the daughter of Daniel David Capiteau (Capito) b. 1775-1826 and Nancy Herderberg

3.Francis Eckert Steinbeck (1849-1905) married Mary Elizabeth Ballentine, (1847-1941) the daughter of William Henry Ballentine (1815-1888) and Elizabeth Mary Kimberly (c.1820-1860)

4.Charles Dickerson Steinbeck (1882-1940) married Clara Anna Rasmussen (1887-1919) the daughter of Neils Hans Rasmussen (1862-1932) and Jensina Thomson (1862-1933)

5.Hilda Henrietta Steinbeck (1916- ) married John Caldwell Taylor (1909-1982), the son of John C. Taylor, Sr. (1873-1936) and Martha Ellen Ratliff (1881-1956)

6.Constance Marie Taylor (1931- ) married David Edward Frazier (1931-1976) the Son of Edward Lawrence Frazier (1906-1979) and Florence Elizabeth Crusberg (1904- )

7.Paul David Frazier (1953- ) married Joan Marie Rebman (1955- ) the daughter of Gregory Michael Rebman (1914-1979) and Mary Regina Bernhard (1914 -1984)

Jensina Thomson, a great-great-grandmother

Born in Denmark on September 13, 1862

Died in Alberta, Canada on February 14, 1933

(Wife of Nels Rasmussen, mother of Clara Anna Rasmussen)

The Ratcliff Family Line

The Ratcliffs settled in Louisa County, Virginia and then moved to the Bath and Pocohontas County area of what is now West Virginia.

Revised July 31, 1997

First Generation: JAMES RATLIFF (b. circa 1735, d. after 1798) and MARY RATLIFF

Second Generation: MARTIN RATLIFF (b. circa 1768, d. circa 1844) and MARY SUSANNAH ----------(c. 1784,d, before 1840). Martin Ratliff had sixteen children.


Richard Ratcliff (born circa 1800) m. ELLEN GIBSON (born circa 1809) Richard Ratcliff and Ellen Gibson were born in Louisa County, Virginia. Richard and Ellen married June 20, 1833 in Bath County Virginia. According to the 1850 census their children were:

2. (1) Francis (f) b. c. 1829 b. Bath Co, VA

3. (2) Harriet (f) b. c. 1833

4. (3) William b. c. 1835

m. Elizabeth Catherine Gay 1868

5. (4) Cynthia b. c. 1836

6. (5) Archer b. c. 1838

m. Mary L. Fox 1868

7. (6) Warrick b. c. 1841

8. (7) Mary b. c. 1843

9. (8) Marcellus b. c. 1845

10. (9) Richard b. c. 1847

[William, Archer, and Warrick served with the Confederates.William and Archer served with the 25th Virginia Infantry]


William Rat(c)liff married Elizabeth Catherine Gay, born 1845, in Lewis County, West Virginia, on Feb 4, 1868. She was the daughter of Andrew Gay, Sr. and Mary Martha Knowlden of Lewis County.

Children of William Rat(c)liff and Elizabeth Catherine Gay

11. (1) Warrick Cameron Ratliff born

12. (2) Andrew Richard Ratliff born

13. (3) Martha Ellen Ratliff born

m. John Caldwell Taylor 1904


John C. Taylor, born Nov 13, 1873 in Braxton County, W.Va., a great-grandson of Peter Shields and Elizabeth Singleton, son of Union Navy veteran Joseph Henry Taylor, married Martha Ellen Ratliff of Lewis County, W Va. in 1904. John was killed in a hit-and-run accident June 14, 1936 in Lewis County, W.Va. Martha Ellen (Ratliff) Taylor died Dec 22, 1956 in Lewis County, West Virginia.

Children of Martha Ellen Ratliff and John C. Taylor, Sr.

14. (1) William Henry Taylor b. 1905 d. 1967

15. (2) Ethel Catherine Taylor b. ?

m. -----Fulks

16. (3) Glenn Russell Taylor b. c. 1911

m.Mary A. Robinson 1932

17. (4) Franklin Walter Taylor b. ?

18. (5) Warrick Richard Taylor b. 1916 d. 1948

19. (6) John Caldwell Taylor, Jr. b. Dec 27, 1909 d.June 22, 1982

m. Hilda H. Steinbeck 1931,

m. Oleta Beall 1946 -- died in 1952

m. Gracie I. Donaldson 1954

20. (7) Theodore Quinton Taylor b. ?

21. (8) Biddie Taylor (dau.) b. ?

22. (9) Archie Dale Taylor b.Mar 15, 1924 d.Oct 2, 1993

m.Ellenor Jane Flesher


Children of John Caldwell Taylor,Jr. and Hilda H. Steinbeck

23. (1) Constance Marie Taylor b. July 5, 1931

m.David E. Frazier 1952, died 1976

m.Donald Mansfield 1979

24. (2) Jocelyn Lee Taylor b. 1933 d. 1973

m.Donald Rasted

25. (3) Martha Lou Taylor b. 1935

m.Edwin Biestek

Children of John Caldwell Taylor,Jr and Gracie Donaldson

26. (4) John Bernard Taylor b.

m. Debra Wheatley

27. (5) Sharon Lynne Taylor b.

m. Barry Lee Cassady

m. Angus Duke


Children of Constance Marie Taylor and David E. Frazier

28. (1) Paul David Frazier b. 1953

m.Joan M. Rebman 1978

29. (2) James Edward Frazier b. 1957

m.Della Marie Kemple 1984

30. (3) Elizabeth Allyn Frazier b. 1959

m.Jeffrey Allen Truman 1988

31. (4) Pamela Cathleen Frazier b. 1961

m.Donald Howard Whitman 1983


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Clara Anna Rasmussen, a great-grandmother

Wife of Charles D. Steinbeck

Born in Lakin, Kansas 1887

Died in Alberta, Canada 1919 after childbirth

Charles Dickerson Steinbeck, her husband

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Many thanks to several people who have helped me with this work throughout the years:

My friend, Bob Webb ( of Houston, Texas, who did a lot of the research and put in some miles, time, and footwork on my family line! Bob is working on these surnames: Adkinson/Atkinson, Baker, Beamen, Blackwell, Brumfield, Butler, Campbell, Carden, Carpenter, Cason, Clark, Clyburn, Cochran, Davis, DeBruhl, Demby, Denkins, Dubbert, Farris, Finlayson, Gilliam, Green, Hill, Hinnant, Holley, Hopkins, Huff, Irwin, Jackson, Jones, Key, King, Kirby, Kirkley, Knight, Lawler, McAlpine, McCall, McCaulskey, McClendon, Munn, Owens, Pace, Parker, Pring, Roland/Rowland, Rollins, Russell, Sides, Sowell, Stevens, Schroter, Sullivan, Sutton, Twitty, Webb, Wilder, Williams, Woolbanks, Worley.

All my cousins in the Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants (HCPD), Jane Lew, West Virginia. Please visit their web pages on the "" website.

Don Norman, who provides so much family tree work on the HCPD web site!

My cousin Shirley V. Toohey who has found much on the Steinbeck line and is helpful looking up any other surname one can think of!

Many people on the Ratcliffe website pages who have provided information.

Thanks and appreciation to my grandmother Hilda Mikulzca for keeping the family history throughout the years, and my step-grandmother Gracie D. Taylor who gave me the information when I asked for it with grace.

soli Deo gloria