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About these links: I've included links here that I think you might enjoy or find valuable. Although in some cases I know the people who do the site, or have done business with them, that is not always true. For the most part I don't know any more about the owners of the sites than anyone else does, so please do not assume that by including links I am endorsing any product or service that they provide. Of course I have no control over the content of most of these sites and any one of them might change without notice. Thank you! I hope you enjoy them!

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Architecture Week

The Great Buildings Collection

Digital Imaging Project

Busch Stadium

Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

Cool Web Site  Chicago Imagebase - Web-based project aimed at enhancing knowledge about the built environment of the Chicago region.

Chicago Landmarks

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Ebsworth Park Frank Lloyd Wright House

Price Tower Arts Center - Bartlesville, OK

Lutheran Redeemer Church - another reason to visit Bartlesville, if the Price Tower is not enough!

Built on Oil, Banking on Design - Article about architecture in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Bruce Goff, Architect

Friends of Kebyar - Bruce Goff and Organic Architecture

Boston Avenue Methodist Church - I've only seen the outside so far, but even that blew my mind.

Lost Tulsa - Dead, dying, or otherwise interesting structures in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Cool Web Site  Oral Roberts University in Decay - When I went to visit (2007), it didn't look much like it was in decay to me, but check out these pictures anyway.

Oral Roberts University - Campus Tour

Morris Lapidus

Arcosanti - Experimental town in Arizona

A Digital Archive of American Architecture

Michael's Architecture Page

National Building Museum

Pictures and movies of the St. Louis Arena implosion on the Spirtas Wrecking web site

Built St. Louis

Landmarks Association of St. Louis

Forest Park Forever

Architectural Ruminations

DOCOMOMO - DOcumentation and COnservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the MOdern MOvement

Cool Web Site  Eichler Network - Resource for Eichler home owners. Design lovers and people who are interested in mid-century homes will also find much of interest on this web site.

Ecology of Absence - documents the disease of abandonment of the built environment and its treatment

Cool Web Site  Deadmalls DOT Com - If you are fascinated by ruins, decay, and the passage of time, you will love this!

St. Louis Building Arts Foundation

Articles about St. Louis Buildings

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Artists Art Contests, Projects, and Exhibit Opportunities Art Directories Art Exhibits Art Groups Art Help Art History Art Instruction Art Museums Art Publications
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Beads and Jewelry

Bob's Beading Tutorial Pages Jewelry Making Articles

Rings and Things Jewelry Projects

Step By Step Beads Projects

An Easy Jewelry Project: Optical Lens Necklace

How to Make Foot Thongs

Wholesale Beads Glass and Silver Bead - Glass and gemstone beads, silver beads, metal beads, natural beads and pearls.

Shrink Plastic Charms Bracelet

Cool Web Site  I Love Blocks - Interesting handmade jewelry from another adult who likes to play with shrink plastic.

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Polymer Clay

Newbie Basics

Glass Attic Polymer Clay Encyclopedia

Rubber Stamping On Clay - from Limited Edition Rubberstamps

Rubber Stamping on Polymer Clay - From Polymer Clay Central

Fragments - How to make polymer clay faux pottery shards

Faux Enamel Pin

Christmas Ornament Gift Box

Faux Jade Polymer Clay

Making faux turquoise

Marie Segal's Faux Wood

Faux Abalone Shell with Black Oxide Powder

Faux Amber

Faux Fossilized Agatized Coral

Shelley's Lace Cane

Rainbow Quilt Cane

Folded Cane

Mini Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane with Pinata Inks

Polymer Clay Envelope Pin

Washi Paper and Clay Bracelets

Old Tile Shard Pendants

Layered Inks

Polymer Clay How-To Desk - From Desiree's Desired Creations

Hershberger Designs

Lynelle's Index of Pages: Mainly Polymer Clay and weaving

National Polymer Clay Guild

The Polymer Clay Spot

Prarie Craft Company features some general information on Polymer Clay and some projects as well.

Cool Web Site  Polymer Clay Polyzine

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Book Arts and Paper Arts

Free Paper Craft Templates - from Carolyn's Stamp Store

Art and Craft Beginning Basics - from Stampington & Company

Colophon Page Modern Illustrated and Fine Press Books

CBBAG: Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild - Huge site with lots of information and links.

The San Francisco Center for the Book

Book Arts Web: Large site, lots to see.

Page Two, Inc.

The Binding of this Book: A tutorial on sigle section bookbinding.

Inspired to Journal

Templates by Donovan

Square Gift Box Template from Activity Village.

Artist Trading Cards Cutting Diagram

Packaging Templates

Stamper's Sampler Tempting Templates

Techniques for Distressing and Antiquing Paper

Greeting Cards for a Year Organizer

Paper Friendly - Stuff to do and stuff to use

Acrylic Gel Medium Transfers

Image Transfers

Make Your Own Mica Paints

Red Lead Paper Project Tutorials


ARTISTAMPS & PADS BY J & M SPECIALTY: They sell perforated gummed stamp sheets for making faux postage.

Hands On Paper

Cool Web Site  Templates for Business or Crafting - If you like paper crafts, you will find much of interest here.

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Crafts and Hobbies

Melt and Pour Soap Recipes - My own page of recipes and instructions for melt and pour soap crafting and related homemade bath items. Packaging ideas and links to other resources.

Soap Wizards: How-to guide and supplies for sale. - Instructions and recipes for making your own soaps and toiletries at home.

Camden-Grey's Handmade Toiletries Group - A forum to discuss the fine art of making all types of toiletries using the most natural raw materials possible.

Activity Village: Activities and crafts for kids.

Pattern Centre at Chatsco Distributions: Lots of craft ideas and patterns.

Free Leather Craft Projects and Bead Patterns

Tablet Weaving

Simple Soy Wax Batik for Fabric

All About Hand Dyeing

Jacquard Forums - Discuss fabric dyeing, fabric paintings, and other techniques with Jacquard products.

Pinata color Tips and Techniques

Custom Coasters

Treasure Bottles

Picture-Frame Photo Box

Photo Frame with Decorative Papers

Castaway Paper Box

Wine Glass Charms

Intention Spinner Ornament

Handpainted Ceramic Tile Coasters

Craftown Crafter's Resource Center - Craft Lessons

Cool Web Site  Craft: - There is no excuse for being bored with sites like this out there!

Beginning Needlepoint (Part 1)

Else's Bellas Artes


Craft Stew

Simple Flourishes - The Crafty Blog of Jennifer Holmes

Swappers and Collectors Pages: If you're passionate about collecting, you can find newsgroups, collectors' ads, and more to help fuel your obsession.

The Railroad Paint Shop - Drawings of railroad locomotives, rolling stock, and lineside structures

The International Machine Cancel Society - Dedicated to the study of Machine Postal Markings, the machine inventors, patents, and other related history

Post Mark Collectors Club

Post Office in Paradise - Mail and postage stamps of 19th century Hawaii

Stamps and Postal History

The Stamp Trader List

The Squished Penny Museum

THE PLASTIC SPORK BLOG - DIY Site for projects involving plastic - home additions, aquariums, lighting, craft projects, more!

Cool Web Site  MAKE - Do-it-yourself technology projects.

Paper and Bead Wall Hanging

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Clip Art, Animations and Sounds

Photos Gratis

Free Image Downloads - from Dynamic Graphics Magazine

Free Graphics

Media Builder

Free Icons from Blue Vinyl Fonts

Railroad Clip Art

Railroad Clip Art Collection

Cool Web Site  HammerHead Rhythm Station - Make beats for your Flash or Brainshark projects, or just have fun!

Absolute Sound Effects Archive

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Crop Circles

The Crop Circular

The Crop Circle Connector

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Rubber Stamping

Carolyn's Stamp Store - My own line of rubber stamps.

Dragonhome's Place for Rubberstamping, Scrapbooking and MUCH MORE!

Create Your Own Shadow Stamps

RubberStampMadness Fabulous Stamp Tips

Mounting Rubber Stamps

The Carving Consortium web site.

The Carving Consortium's International Treasury of Eraser Carved Images: The Carving Consortium has another large site with lots of carved images for you to view.

Hampton Art Card of the Month

Turtle Man Frank's Casa has awesome carvings and a lot more!

How to Make a Rubber Stamp by Der Mad Stamper

Ruth Ann's Soft-Block Carving: How-to's, gallery, and links.

Art Frenzy Eraser Carving

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Own Rubber Stamps

After Hours Stamper - A collection of all things stamping: tutorials, videos, product links, bargain hunting, sales, anything and everything that you can imagine all in one place.

Zum Gali Gali rubber stamp company. Includes a large stamping FAQ and an article on reduction block printing.

Gingerwood's Links: Over 1,000 rubber stamping links. acrylic rubber stamp mounts

Ready Stamps - Create your own rubber stamp designs for use with polymer clay or paper.

Making An Embellishment Stamp

Cloud 9 Tips and Techniques

Stamping Tips from Lasting Impression stamps.

Antique Tooled Copper

PolyShrink Galleries - Shrink plastic samples, techniques, and projects.

Embossed Shrink Plastic Charms

Piñata Resist Technique

Calendar Templates For Rubber Stamping Projects

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Here are some designers that I like.

The Jim Flora Gallery

Isamu Noguchi

R. Buckminster Fuller

Charles and Ray Eames Online

Mazie Krebs

Joel Nakamura


Design Within Reach



West Elm

Art Chantry

House Industries


Brooklyn Industries


dwell - at home in the modern world

Russel Wright Studios

Cool Web Site  Alvin Lustig - Modern Design Pioneer.

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Decorating with Dingbats

Emerald City Fontwerks

Free Font Fiesta

Acid Fonts

Victory Type

Font Diner: Retro site design, retro fonts, some free. A lot of my favorites come from here.


Blue Vinyl Fonts: Another favorite place to score retro fonts.

Alex Gollner's free fonts

Peter Hanley

Astigmatic One Eye

caffeen fonts

Gray Graphics

Cool Archive: 950 Free Fonts

DaFont: Free and Shareware Fonts

04: Bitmap Fonts

Dinc Fonts

US Highway Old Style shareware font

Chank Fonts

Emigre Fonts

Identifont: Tools for indentifying and finding fonts

What the Font: Another font identification tool

Cool Web Site  Altemus Dingbat Fonts - Cool use of sound in the intro.

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PagHat the RatGirl

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory

The Butterfly Website

Make Garden Stepping Stones

Creative Concrete Stamping

Antiquing Plastic Pots

Grow Native!

Webster Groves Herb Society

The Catholic Garden

Cool Web Site - Photographs and descriptions of the flowering and non-flowering plants of Missouri, USA

Wildflowers & Weeds - Identification of wild flowers, plus weed control alternatives.

Plants That Attract Beneficial Insects

SeedMessenger - Community of gardeners who are dedicated to sharing and exchanging seeds amongst fellow enthusiasts around the world.

American Horticultural Therapy Association

Missouri Native Plant Society

Wild Ones - A national not-for-profit organization to promote biodiversity and environmentally sound landscaping.

North American Native Iris

Historic Iris Preservation Society - Online Source for Knowledge Botanical

Henry Shaw Cactus Society

What's That Thing? Slime Molds

Cool Web Site  Tom Volk's Fungi

Cool Web Site  What's That Bug? - Have you encountered a strange invertebrate critter? Whether you think it's icky, scary, cute, or cool, it's fun to find out what it is.

insecthobbyist - the online community for the insect and arachnid hobbyist

The Seed Site

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Fun With Food - My own recipe page, a mixture of recipes original with me and some of my favorites from other sources.

Beef Recipes from KTRS and the Missouri Beef Council.

Cheese Recipes from Hautly Cheese.

Recipes from Dierbergs

Heart-Healthy Recipes from Zorba Paster On Your Health.

Yogurt Recipes from Stonyfield Farms.

Deep Fried Kudzu - An ezine with lots of recipes plus crafts, travel, and other aspects of Southern living.


Recipes for Cooking with Herbs

Indiaparenting Cooking Club - Recipes from different regions of India, plus Thai, Chinese, American and more.

Hodgson Mill’s recipe collection

Tumaro's Tortillas Recipes

Bread Recipes from Panera Bread

Port Wine Cheese Log

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Photography Inexpensive source of stock photos for your projects. My photos are here. - Featuring roadside images by Jim Ross and Shellee Graham.

Comprehensive Archaeological Photos and News - Browse an extensive catalogue of rare Archaeological photography, read archaeological news and learn about new topics in the archaeology knowledge center. Download royalty free archaeology photos.

Basic Photography Guide by Robert Slade

Better Photo

Photo News Network

Gravestone Photo Project - Gravestone photo repository.


Historic Photo Archive

Keziah Originals - Gallery of digital photography by Jim Massey and leather-tooled art by Carol Massey: fine art prints, framed leather art, note cards available.

Amy Norman Photography

Along Route 66 - Black and white photograhps by Quinta Scott

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Cool Web Site  Malls of America - Vintage photos of lost Shopping Malls of the '50, '60s & '70s. Don't you wish you could do your holiday shopping in these malls?

Cool Web Site  The Gobbler Motel and Supper Club - Words cannot describe this - you'll just have to see it for yourself...

Cool Web Site  The Retro Motels of Highway 99 - Vintage motels along the main drag through Seattle.

Seattle Googie

New York 1964 World's Fair

Jetset Design for Modern Living

The Space Needle

Space Age City: Home of Googie Architecture On-line

Decorama Retro Modern

Minneapolis Museum of Art guide to modernism modern design for modern living

Design Addict

Land+Living - Modern Lifestyle + Design

Mid-Century Dream

Roadside Peek: A Yesterworld on the Web - Dig the crazy architecture and signage.

America's Landmark Under the Orange Roof - fan site for Howard Johnson's Motor Lodges and Restaurants

Vintage Vegas Postcard Museum

Melinamade - Retro design reproduction fabric, wallpaper and home furnishing accessories.

Cool Web Site  Moldaramaville - Mold-A-Rama collector site.

Inventing the "Jet Age" in America - Great quote: "...the curved trajectories of the "Jet Age" did not crash with Vietnam and Nixon - they simply continued underground before resurfacing in the Internet Age." - The PET, VIC, 64, 128, & More Forum

Cool Web Site  Gamebase 64 - for Commodore 64 fans

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Route 66 and Road Tripping

The Route 66 Association of Missouri

Route 66 Re-Commissioning Initiative - A proposal to make Route 66 an official highway again

John's Modern Cabins News - Historic preservation efforts on Route 66

Crocodile Lile - Route 66 biker accessories, Route 66 jewelry, custom clocks and leather care products.

Friends of the Mother Road - a volunteer organization dedicated to preservation and education along Route 66 in Missouri

2007 Route 66 Festival - in Clinton, Oklahoma

Route 66 Motels - the best mom-and-pop motels the Mother Road has to offer.

Historic Route 66 Huge link collection.

Motel Americana: Exploring classic roadside architecture since 1995.

USA Yesterday and Today: Old Sites along the roads of the USA Your online guide to offbeat tourist attractions.

Motels of the Southwest

The American Highway Project: Photographic Documentation of America's Vanishing Roadside Culture.

6t6kix Home: Lots of Route 66 photos.

Official World's Largest Catsup Bottle Web Site and Fan Club

Official Route 66 Festival '08 - Litchfield, Illinois

Society for Commercial Archaeology

Where to Buy All Things 66

Route 66 News

Mock Turtle Press - Publishers of travel books and the magazine American Road

National Historic Route 66 Federation - Nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Route 66 across the country.

Historic Route 66 - Free information for those who want to learn more about Route 66.

Bygone Byways

Postmark Art - by Ken Turmel - An on-line collection of postcards from "The Mother Road"

Route 66 Lost and Found - Ruins and Relics Revisited

Route 66 Preservation Foundation - Our mission is to develop resources for the preservation and benefit of the Route 66 corridor and its community.

Route 66 Pulse - News, events, and happenings along America's Mother Road, Historic Route 66.

Route 66 Today TV - Route 66 video clips featuring the people that live work and travel along Historic Route 66

Barstow Route 66 "Mother Road" Museum

Googie - Things to do in Los Angeles

Kids on 66

Railroad Museums accessible by deviating from Route 66

McJerry66 - McJerry66 is your online source for information about the creations of noted Route 66 authority and artist Jerry McClanahan.

El Rancho Hotel - Gallup, NM

Cool Web Site  MidPoint Cafe - When people tell you this place has the best pie in the world, they are telling the truth.

Big Texan Steak Ranch - Amarillo, Texas

Petrified Forest National Park - Arizona

- Winslow, AZ

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Enjoy Illinois

Makanda, Illinois Vulture Fest

Giant City State Park

Metropolis Downtown Architectural Walking Tours

Historic St. Charles, Missouri

Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites

Rural Missouri Destinations

Boone's Lick State Historic Site

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Will Rogers Memorial Museums

Sapulpa Main Street Web Site

Texas Travel

El Morro National Monument

Zuni Pueblo

Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument

Sunset Crater National Monument

Walnut Canyon National Monument

Riordan Mansion State Park

Kingman Tourism

Arizona Biltmore

Desert Wonderland - Stimulating yet restful desert environment where indoor and outdoor osmosis expands your exposure to the desert. - "The real adventure is on the back roads, and we take you there: Route 66, roadside attractions, and MORE."

Cool Web Site  Google Earth - If you're a geography nut like me, you'll have a ton of fun finding and marking places you've been and places you'd like to go.

Cool Web Site  Waymarking - Tools to share and discover unique and interesting locations on the planet. - information about natural hot springs

Santa Fe Trail

Yellowstone Trail

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Outdoor Fun

Cool Web Site  fitPod - Download free workout music.

Cool Web Site  TrailLink - find trails near where you live or travel.


Letterboxing North America

National Forest Store - national forest maps

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Cool Web Site  Virtually Missouri - Explore digitized collections of historic and scientific documents and artifacts held by institutions from all over Missouri.

Maps of Missouri

Cool Web Site  New York Public Library Digital Gallery - Hundreds of thousands of digital images

Digital Scriptorium Projects - Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Duke University

Digital Clendening - Rare texts and images

University of Florida Digital Collections

The Yale Map Collection

U.S. Government Photos and Multimedia

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

California Academy of Sciences Antropology Collections


"Powerful Grace Lies in Herbs and Plants" - Historic illustrations and uses of plants.

Visual Collections - Images of art, history, and culture.

Digital Past - Photographs, postcards, diaries, oral histories, documents, movies, interpretive exhibits, and other historical materials from libraries, historical societies, museums, and other cultural venues throughout Illinois.

Cool Web Site  Online Archive of California - Historical materials from a variety of California institutions, including museums, historical societies, and archives.

Linda Hall Library - Digital Services and Collections

TWAlive - Remembering Trans World Airlines

The Airchive - The Webseum of Commercial Aviation

Cool Web Site   TIGHAR - The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery

History's Time Portal to Old St. Louis

Greenwood Cememtery

German Americans in St. Louis

The Great New Madrid Earthquake

Kansas Heritage Center

Tulsa Historical Society

Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals

Titanic Inquiry Project

Encyclopedia Titanica

The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax

Cool Web Site  George Behe's Titanic Tidbits - I dare you to try to read just one of these articles - I'll bet you won't want to stop there.

All at Sea with Dave Gittins

Mark Chirnside's Reception Room - Olympic, Titanic, Britannic, Majestic, Aquitania and other liners of the past.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Stories

Penny Postcards - Historic images from all over the US

90th Infantry Division Preservation Group

Arizona Mohave Museum of History and Arts

Jewish Virtual Library

Eastern Christianity

Biblical Archaeology Society

Cool Web Site  Shroud of Turin Story - Have fun exploring an ancient mystery.

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Strange Science - A collection of misguided attempts to explain natural history, including honest and dishonest mistakes about dinosaurs, mammals, sea monsters and prehistoric beasts.

Modern Myths Taught As Science

What is Psuedoscience?


Bad Astronomy

Heavens-Above - information to help you observe satellites in your area

The Nine Planets

Moon Base Clavius - The Apollo program and its manned exploration of the moon

The Moon Hoax Debate

U.S. Geological Survey

Vultures of the World

Phytoremediation - Biological remediation of environmental problems using plants.

The Technology Teacher's Blog

Cool Web Site  Global Warming - If you're interested in Global Warming as a scientific issue, you'll find this site helpful.

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Anything But iPod

Sansa c200 Series Forum

Microsoft Streets and Trips, Microsoft AutoRoute Forum

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African Clawed Frog Facts

Fish in the .Net - online community of aquarists of all types, old and new, beginner and expert.

FishGeeks - Information on aquarium fish, tropical fish, pond fish, saltwater fish and aquariums.

Natural Aquariums - Information on simple lo to no tech planted aquariums, and the aquarium plants, fish, and invertebrates that live in them.

Common Plant Listing

Goldfish Paradise Society

Bristol Aquarists Society - information about the different fancy goldfish varieties, how to keep them, and how to breed them.

How to Make a Goldfish Live for Decades - Loricariidae and Plecostomus Community


Pet Fish Talk - weekly internet talk show about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

MASIFishHeads - official mailing list for the Missouri Aquarium Society, Inc. (MASI)

Missouri Aquarium Society

Piranha Realm - Public Aquarium in St. Louis County

Habitatitude - how to avoid introducing aquatic invasive species to the natural environment.

Cool Web Site  The Daily Chegwin - As the caretaker of two goldfish myself, I have to admire this level of goldfish love.

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Attila - photo album of my pet starling

Starling Talk - information about wild starlings, raising starlings, pet starlings

My favorite bird videos:

Sprouting for Healthier Birds - how to grow sprouts for your pet bird

Birds and Herbs

Make your own bird toys

Safe Cleaning & Pest Control

Bird World - blog with great story about Lucky the Chukar Partridge

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Voting Help

Has the vituperativeness (if that's a word) and planned confusion that surrounds our politcal process discouraged you? Don't despair. First of all, it's nothing new, we've survived it before and we will again. Secondly, resources do exist to help you figure out what is going on, and despite what some people think, you probably ARE smart enough to figure it out. The right to vote - if it's important to you, vote in every election. That's the best way to make sure you'll always be able to. Don't let dead people speak for you! (If you're from the St. Louis area you know what I'm talking about!)

Write Your Representative - Find out who your representative is and how to contact him or her.

United States Senate

St. Louis County Board of Election Comissioners

The Missouri Bar - Contains voter's information on judges

Your Missouri Courts

Missouri Ethics Comission

Internal Revenue Service - Research political organization funding

Accuracy in Media

NGO Watch

Public Agenda

Who Owns What

The Drudge Report

Big Hollywood


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550 KTRS - St. Louis

97.1 FM Talk - St. Louis

Radio-Locator - Your Electronic Guide to Radio Stations around the World

HeartsART RADIO - Mixed media arts

The New Phil Hendrie Show

Cool Web Site  KFI On Demand - Archived talk radio shows. - Home of Seattle's 710KIRO, B97.3 and 770KTTH

WGN Radio - News/Talk 720, WGN, The Voice of Chicago.

850 KOA - Denver

WOR 710 - New York

Wessex Archaeology Podcasts


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Cool Sites of the Week

Cool Web Site   Interior Desecrations - A look back at the excesses of the 1970's.

Cool Web Site   Bubba's Bar 'n' Grill - Web sites about food have an unfair advantage because of the subject matter, but the design is pretty cool too.

Cool Web Site   PetLifeRadio - Podcasts about all kinds of pets, including birds and exotics.

Cool Web Site   Craft Pudding - Needle arts and rubber stamping.

Cool Web Site   Diva Craft Lounge - Internet radio show about Scrapbooking, Rubber Stamping, and Crafts.


Bliss on 66

Dawn's Blog

Gateway Wealth Management

Cool Web Site  Ghost Town Press - Route 66 maps, guide books, and DVDs.

Shellee Graham: Books, exhibits and photos of Route 66

Melissa Lea

Kathryn - Gettin' My Kicks, Adventures On and Off the Road

Kevin Mayjor's Portfolio

Kip's Gallery

Guy Randall

Red Fork Hippie Chick

Rich's Blog - Beatles, music, and other interests.

Road Trip Memories: Lots of photos and notes.

The Wombat

Titanic Research and Modeling Association: A friend of mine's site that grew from a few pictures of his model to a worldwide organization.

Windy City Road Warrior

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Other Resources

U.S. Postal Service ZIP+4 Code Look-up

Urban Legends Reference Pages - We've all made dorks of ourselves by forwarding emails about things that never happened. This site helps us all avoid that unfortunate situation.

Truth Or Fiction - Email reality check - BBB Wise Giving Alliance

The Breast Cancer Site - Fund free mammograms

St. Louis County Office of Waste Managment - Recycling info for St. Louis County Residents

St. Louis Teachers Recycling Center

Leftovers, Etc.

Freecycle St. Louis - For all who want to recycle that special something rather than throw it away.

Cool Web Site  Alternative Household Product Recipes - There are a lot of good reasons for trying some of these homemade cleaning product recipes - saving money, avoiding toxins, and avoiding trips to the store are just a few. I've already been making my own insect repellent, carpet powder, potpourri, air freshener, countertop cleaner and other things for some time and I find that they work just as well and smell better than prepared products. Some of my recipes are here.

Metro Link Cross-County

City of Brentwood, Missouri

Brentwood Forest Condominiums

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church

The Church of the Immacolata

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

Basilica of St. Louis, King of France

Brentwood Public Library

Cool Web Site  Mid-Metro - Promotional assistance for businesses in Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood and Richmond Heights to help weather the Highway 40 shutdown.

Metropolis St. Louis Wine Club

St. Louis Web Developers Organization

St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association (RCGA)

Ed Kleiman's Small Cloud Prayer Ministries - Christian prayer site for prayer requests, online resources and handouts offered without cost.

Swiss-American Inc.

Discovery LightTM

The Cavern Beat

StuEppy Channel - Beatles Tribute Band on You Tube

The Cavern Beat MySpace page

Webinar Resources

Webinar Resources Blog

Webs Dot Com - Your One Stop Website Shop

Report Phishing Scams - Search engine"> - Search engine

Cool Web Site  Let's Say Thanks - in support of our troops

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