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Lesson Plans
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Lesson Plans

Many of these lessons are geared toward beginners and the polymer clay lessons are meant to be completed in order. I have attempted to integrate design concepts along with practical information about the specific project. If anything is not clear or if you have any questions or feedback, please email me. Some of the files I created for these lesson plans are in PDF format. If you do not have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in needed to read these files, you can get it on the Adobe web site.

In some of the lesson plans, you will see references to the Open Door Art Studio. It no longer exists, but I was formerly a volunteer there and many of these lesson plans were written for classes that I taught there. I think all of us who were involved will always have fond memories of that place! We had some fun there.

New  Decoupage Wooden Beads Cover wooden beads with rubber stamped paper pieces.
Polymer Clay Lesson 1: Introduction and Making Textured Beads Covers basic information about working with polymer clay that beginners would find useful and different methods of creating texture on beads.
Polymer Clay Lesson 2: High-Contrast Colors Learn how to mix contrasting colors and build simple cane patterns.
Polymer Clay Lesson 3: Analagous Colors How to mix analagous colors and use them in cane designs.
Charm Bracelet A good way to use odds and ends of old beads and jewelry parts.
Rubber Stamp / Eraser Carving Tools, techniques, where to get images, more.
Melt and Pour Soap Recipes If you can follow directions well enough to cook oatmeal or something simple like that, you can make melt and pour soap at home.
Accordion Book Hardcover accordion book with ribbon closure.
Ransom Note Poetry Book A simple project for play and loosening up.
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