Have you ever tried to image how a design would look before it's created?  Custom
designing a piece of jewelry can be trickey, frustrating, and require a great deal of patience by both the customer and the designer.  Trying to visualize  what a ring will look like, from a sales persons discription, a green wax model,  or a pencil drawing is difficult to visualize. Our Digital Goldsmith computer program allows you to see the completed design right in front of your eyes in gold, silver, or platinum and with any size and shape stone you wish.   Our system helps us build confidence and trust in our ability to produce the very best products for our customers.
We can make several design on the computer before we committ to making it in precious metal and stones.
If you have loose stones from your mothers wedding rings, stones from a previous ring of yours, or stones you picked up while on vacation . Here are some ideas. We can make your stones into beautiful new and exciting jewelry.
If you are artistic and can create a drawing,  put your ideas to pen and paper.  We can take your drawing and enhance it further by scanning it into our computers and adding gems, color, and other elements to help you makethe design you've always wanted.
We can tranform either your design or your jewelry (via System Six photography) into hundreds of different styles and designs.  Below are examples of a simple mounting that has been tranform on the computer into several creative new designs.
A couple will usually purchase their engagement ring first, with little or no thought of the wedding band they are going to need later on at the church.  When its time to obtain a wedding band sometimes they don't exist or they don't fit correctly up against the engagement ring.  We can make that wedding band that others say is impossible to get.  With the wedding band builder our computer allows us to design an attaching wedding band to your engagement ring.  Now you don't have to imagine what a matching band will look like, with "Weding Band Builder" we can create it right in front of your eyes. Stop by either of our stores for a live demonstration.
With the System Six photography system we can capture a digitized image of your jewelry .  We can use these images for appraisal, for adding stones to your  jewelry, or for showing you where you need repair on your current jewelry.
We can further expand your design to 3D via Rhino, TechGem, and Matrix  computer software.  This allow us to produce STL and DXF files so that we can reproduce these design in precious metals on our 4 axis horizontal mills like the ones below from Roland and MaxNC.
We begin with your ideas, your likes, your dislikes, and then we go to the computer, where we make a CAD design in 3D wire frame graphics.  We then send the Gcode program to the mill and begin carving a 2.5 D or 3D in wax with our mills.
Then we finish carving the wax into the desired shape.
We then spru the wax kto the rubber base and add the metal casting vessel.
Then we mix satin cast investment and pour it into the vessel to dry until hard.
Then put the cylinder with the wax in the burn out oven for an 8 to 12 hour burn out process, gradually raising it to 1250 degrees farenheit.
Now we melt our precious metal into the cargo crucible and spin the centifuge.
then out comes our tree with jewelry items on it.  We then  cut items off tree, polish, finish, and make beautiful jewelry.