About Biegert's Jewelry
At Biegert's Jewelry we make your dreams come true.  Enter  our stores in Collinsville or Edwardsville, and you will immediately experience the feeling that we are NOT "Just another Jewelry Store".  Displays create an atmosphere of relaxed shopping, and a tremendous selection that surpasses all others in the area. 

Why shop Biegert's Jewelry when you have so many other choices?  We have been providing modern high quality jewelry at unbelievably fair prices to our customers for over 25 years.  Add to that, the benefit of having your very own professional jeweler/designer, watchmaker/clockmaker. engraver on hand, at all times, and  we are unbeatable. All this just for our prized customers.  Estimates on all repairs are FREE.

Thousands of customers can't be wrong. Most of our customers say that our incredible "knock your socks of service" is their #1 reason for choosing to shop at Biegert's Jewelry.

The second reason for shoping at Biegert's Jewelry is you work directly with the craftsman who will be working on your jewelry, watch, clock, or other precious item.

Our customers rate our incredible selection of high quality jewelry, watches, & clocks as their third reason for shopping at Biegert's Jewelry.  Our work is professional, our prices are fair, and our service is unbeatable.  This is an all around winning combination.

All the work we do (repair, custom orders, etc...) is handled from start to finish by the same master craftsman to assure quality control and ultimate security of you fine jewelry.  We pride ourselves on the trust we work hard to earn from our customers.

Biegert's Jewelry has been providing the best diamond jewelry both mounted and loose for the past 25 years.  All diamonds are selected by our GIA trained diamond graders to ensure exacting quality control.  We are your store for diamonds, and our GIA trained staff can answer all your diamond questions.  We know you can buy your diamonds from many sources, so you can be sure that we will go the extra mile to fill your needs.    No matter what size, shape, or quality let us help you find the perfect diamond for you.  You can be sure that a diamond from Biegert's jewelry is always a great value because we buy direct from diamond cutters in Antwerp, Belgium, one of the worlds premier diamond markets.

At Biegert's Jewelry we can custom design or restyle your old jewelry in to new creative and sylish jewelry.  We at Biegert's have been creating award winning designs for our discriminating clientele for over 25 years.   If you need ideas for a custom design or want to set a stone you've pickup while on vacation.  Our designers can offer many ideas from sketches to computer design.Using Digital Goldsmith and Rhino we can create a 2D or 3D design for you to see on our computers.  These designs allow you to see them on the computer where your can truely see them instead of imagining them. We can even email them so you can get opinions from family and friends.

Biegert's Jewelry offers the following service for your convience:

Repairing Jewelry is our Speciality
Insurance replacement for Lost or stolen Jewelry, watches, & clocks
Diamond Replacement and repair
Repair Wrist Watches
Repair Pocket Watches
Repair Luxury Watches
Silver Jewelry Repair
Silver replating
Gemstone Replacement and repair
Costume Jewelry Repair
Custom Design & Re-styling
Jewelry restoration
Grandfather Clock Repair
Cuckoo Clock Repair
Atmos Clock Repair
General Clock Repair
Hand Engraving
Machine Engraving
Re-stringing pearls & beads
Replace lost or broken pearls & beads
Eyeglass repair
and more...

We have two locations for your shopping convience, one at 1719 Troy Rd., Edwardsville, Il  (618-656-GOLD)and the other at 113 West Main St., Collinsville, Il.(618-345-3399)
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