The Alton-Godfrey Jaycees


Revised February 1999


Section 1 - The name of the organization shall be the Alton-Godfrey Jaycees.

Section 2 - The principle office of the organization shall be located in the City of Alton, Madison County, State of Illinois, or as designated by the Executive Board of Directors.


Section 1 - The purpose of the organization shall be to provide the young people of the Greater Alton-Godfrey Area a medium for training in civic consciousness and leadership, and to promote through constructive projects the civic, industrial and educational activities of the community.


Section 1 - This organization shall be affiliated with the Illinois Jaycees, the United States Jaycees, and the Jaycees International, and is subject to the constitution and by-laws of those three bodies where they suggest functions of local Jaycees and are not in conflict with this constitution.


Section 1 - Any person of good character between the ages of twenty-one (21) and thirty-nine (39), both inclusive is eligible for active membership in the organization.

Section 2 - No person shall be denied membership because of race, sex, religion or nationality.


Section 1 - The government of this organization shall be vested in an Executive Board of Directors consisting of eight (8) Executive Officers all to be elected by the membership. They shall all serve for a term of one year, or until their successors are duly elected and trained. No officer may run for a consecutive year in the same office.

Section 2 - The Executive Officers shall consist of a President, a Management Development Vice-President, a Membership Vice-President, a Community Development Vice-President, an Individual Development Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a State Director. All the above Executive Officers shall be elected by the general membership.

Section 3 - The duly elected Executive Board of Directors may establish, by a majority vote of the Board, any other offices that are deemed necessary. These people will be non-voting officers.

Section 4 - The duly elected Executive Board of Directors may establish, by majority vote, Local Directors as deemed necessary based on the membership. These Local Directors will be non-voting officers.


Section 1 - Regular meetings shall be held at least twice a month on the second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Monday, unless another date is selected and announced by the Executive Board.

Section 2 - There shall be a separate Executive Board meeting a least one each month. A quorum must be present to conduct business.


Section 1 - A proposed amendment of the constitution or the by-laws shall be placed in the hand of the Secretary by the member proposing it. The Secretary shall present a copy of the proposed changes at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting of the organization. At the following meeting, the amendment shall be read, discussed and voted upon. A two-thirds majority of the members present shall be necessary for approval.



Revised February 1999


Section 1 All applications for membership must be filled out completely and submitted to the Membership Development Vice-President.

Section 2 Dues must be paid before membership is announced to the local or state organization.


Section 1 - The annual dues shall be as specified by the United States Jaycees for active members, payable in full by the 15th day of one's anniversary month. Any member that does not have one's dues paid by the 15th day of one's anniversary month will have to pay dues at the initiation rate. Any member that does not have one's dues paid by the Illinois Jaycee closeout date will be dropped. New members will have to pay at the initiation rate.

Section 2 - The initial dues for new members shall be as specified by the United States Jaycees, payable before his/her membership is announced to the state organization.


Section 1 - The Executive Board shall be entrusted with and have control over the property and finances of this organization, subject to the will of the membership.

Section 2 - The President shall preside at all meetings, direct the organization's affairs, and make an annual report to the members. He/she shall, subject to the approval of the Executive Board, appoint all committees and delegations. He/she shall be an exofficio member of all committees.

Section 3 - Upon completion of his/her term the President shall become Chairman of the Board and will preside over all elections.

Section 4

  1. The Individual Development Vice-President shall work with the President on member development and personal skill training of the members of the organization.
  2. The Community Development Vice-President shall work with the President on external affairs of the organization, with a line of demarcation such as the President shall decide.
  3. The Membership Development Vice-President shall work with the President in the recruitment of new members for the organization.
  4. The Management Development Vice-President shall work with the President regarding the internal affairs of the organization, financial projects and the collection of dues from the members.
  5. Each Vice- President shall be an exofficio member of the committees under his/her jurisdiction.

Section 5 - The State Director shall act as a liaison between the membership and the State, National and International Organization.

Section 6 - The Secretary shall give notice and keep minutes at the general membership and Executive Board meetings.

Section 7 - The Treasurer shall keep the financial records, inform the President and the Executive Board of his/her actions, and be subject to their decisions. The Treasurer or the President may withdraw funds of the organization from the bank.

Section 8 - The Executive Board of Directors shall implement the committees necessary to fulfill the objectives of the organization.

Section 9 - Any member of the Executive Board who shall miss two (2) consecutive board meetings (without being excused) may cease to be a member of the Executive Board, subject to a vote by the Executive Board. The Executive Board of Directors shall then appoint a member to take his/her place for the remainder of the year.


Section 1 - The annual election of officers shall be held the second regular monthly meeting in November, and be presided over by the Chairman of the Board. Nominations for the eight (8) offices shall be made from the membership the first regular monthly meeting of November and shall remain open through the second regular monthly meeting of November. Nominations may continue until a motion to close is made, seconded and passed by a majority of the members present and voting. New officers shall be installed at the last scheduled meeting in December.

Section 2 - After nominations are closed, uncontested races can be voted by voice acclamation if approved by the membership. Contested races will be voted on by secret ballot.

Section 3 - The candidate for an office receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected to the office for a period of one (1) year only. In case of a tie for any one office, a run-off ballot shall be governed as follows: Each member present shall place one name of the tied candidate on the ballot for the applicable office and the candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared the winner. In case of further ties, the same procedure shall be followed until a winner is declared.

Section 4 - Proxies will not be permitted.

Section 5 - New officers shall take office January 1 and can, by appointment, fill any open Board positions.

Section 6 - Should an officer find it necessary to resign during this fiscal year, the Executive board of directors may appoint a replacement for the vacant office.

Section 7 - Any officer not fulfilling his/her responsibilities may be replaced by consent of two-thirds majority of the Executive Board of Directors. The Executive Board may appoint another member to fulfill the responsibilities of the vacated office up to the next regularly scheduled election of officers. Any appointee will be eligible to seek re-election for one term.


Section 1 - A majority of the voting officers shall constitute a quorum at any Executive Board meeting. Those present and voting shall by empowered to sit at any regular or special meeting.

Section 2 - Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings at all meetings of the organization and its constituent parts, where it does not conflict which the Constitution and the by-laws of the organization.

Section 3 - The President shall give a line of succession for the Presidency at the beginning of each term to the Executive Board.


Section 1 - All reimbursement requests by the membership must be submitted to a member of the Executive Board within forty-five (45) days of acquisition.

Section 2 - The Executive Board shall present all reimbursement requests to the general membership for approval before requesting reimbursement from the Treasurer.


Section 1 - A fund to promote the establishment, improvement, or beautification of parks within the city limits of Alton or Godfrey shall be established and maintained. This fund, to be called the " Bud Miller Memorial Park Fund," shall be held in a separate account. Withdrawals from this fund can only be made upon approval of the general membership and must be used in accordance with the ideas listed above.

Section 2 - Ten percent of profits from all Ways and Means fundraising projects will be used to fund this account. The Treasurer shall be responsible for determining the amount to be deposited and making the transfer from the general account within sixty days of each project's completion. This rule may be suspended by a majority vote of the general membership.


Section 1 - All non-urgent requests for donations from the chapter must first be reviewed by a three member Donations Committee appointed by the President. Upon reviewing the request, this Committee shall formulate a proposal for the amount to be donated, which will be presented to the general membership for approval.

Section 2 - For urgent cases, the above rule may be suspended and donation proposals may be presented directly to the general membership, provided that a two-thirds majority of the general membership present at a meeting approves.